Four Great Tips for Managing Coeliac Disease and Gluten Intolerance

If you have landed on our website, then no doubt you have coeliac disease or gluten intolerance. We know many people with these issues, so we know how difficult it can be for you. we also understand what it takes to start living a normal life, at least as far as food is concerned – going to restaurants, drinking alcohol, eating cakes, etc. – we don’t have any advice on what to do with the rest of your time!

Here are four of tips that we think we’ll help. Some of them are obvious, but you might not have heard of others. We hope that we teach you something new.

1.Check your medication

Many people fail to realise that there could be gluten in their medication. This happens because the manufacturers will sometimes use wheat as a bulking agent, to keep the ingredients together in pill form. It is important that you discuss this issue with your doctor, as they will be able to advise you about staying safe. For example, they might refer you to a pharmacist who can in turn source the medicine from a gluten-free manufacturer.

2.Where there’s wheat there’s a way

Cross contamination is a big problem for people suffering from gluten allergies and intolerances. Cross contamination can happen at home, or in a factory, so you have to be careful when preparing food at home, and when buying products in the shops. Here’s some advice:

a.When making food at home (whether gluten free jam and toast, main meals, anything) make sure that you use separate utensils to those that have touched gluten-containing products. You should also have separate condiments, such as butter, to avoid cross contamination. For instance, if someone in your household butters their toast, then sticks the knife back in the butter to get some more, they will have contaminated the butter with bits of toast, and if you eat this, you can have a reaction. Keep things separate.

b.When buying from the supermarket, always read the label to make sure there is not cross contamination. Products that sport the “Crossed Grain” symbol are safe; it indicates that there was no cross contamination. Of course, if you specifically buy gluten free foods in the UK, then they is no risk as it’s illegal for manufactures to label food gluten free if there’s a risk that it isn’t.

3.Make substitutions in order to enjoy all the foods you used to

Clearly, you will have to cut out lots of favourites, including pasta, pizza, black pudding, some yoghurt, sausages, processed foods, lager, beer, ale, some wine, some types of rice, etc. That can seem horrible – these are all the nation’s favourite foods. Fortunately, you can buy gluten free foods. These are the same foods, just without gluten. Therefore, you can enjoy all your old favourites.

4.Always read the label

Finally, you should always read the label when buying anything that you consume, such as foods, drinks, and medication. It’s the only way to ensure that you stay safe. As you become more accustomed to doing this, it will become easier. It’s just a habit, and as with all habits, it takes time to learn, but you will get there in the end.

We hope that you found our article informative. If you would like further help and advice, then please get in touch.

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Drinking Alcohol: What’s The Advice When Suffering from Coeliac Disease?

Coeliac disease can cause a lot of painful symptoms, and if that’s not hard enough to deal with, being given the additional news that you have to cut certain foods out of your diet, is enough to tip you over the edge…and then you hear that you might not be able to get drunk? Well, that can send the best of us loopy!

While we’re taking a lighthearted approach here, it can be extremely difficult to deal with the lack of alcohol. Fortunately, it’s only some types of alcohol that you need to cut out, plus, there are alternatives anyway.

In short, it’s not bad news. You can still enjoy alcohol. Here, we’re going to teach you more about the subject, so that you understand how to tackle this aspect of the illness.

Beers, Lagers, and Ales

This group of alcoholic beverages is the one to which you have to pay special attention. These are made with barleys and other gluten-containing grains. This means that you need to avoid drinking this type of alcohol.

However, there are breweries that new manufacture gluten free lager, beer, and ales. This is great news for beer lovers, because you can enjoy them just as much as you could before.

Now, there are some lager-connoisseurs that will tell you that gluten free lager, beer, and ales, simply don’t stand up against their gluten replete alternatives. Fortunately, the breweries have taken this as a challenge. Today, there are many exceptional craft beers for people suffering from coeliac or gluten intolerance.

The only issue is that these drinks are expensive. However, as they become more popular, the price will fall, so get your friends on board with the buzz, too.


According to most experts, you can drink all spirits, regardless of whether there was gluten in the original recipe. This is because spirits undergo the distillation process, and distillation destroys gluten. Therefore, spirits are gluten free.

However, there are some people that don’t think this is the case. We would therefore recommend that you try it out, and see how you react to it. If you have a reaction, then don’t drink them. The likelihood is that you will be fine.

Wine, Prosecco, and Champagne

All of these drinks are made with grapes, which are naturally gluten free, and so you’re free to drink as much as you want – well, you probably shouldn’t get too drunk, but that’s another issue!

There is one word of warning: some vineyards seal their barrels with a flour-based caulk, and this can contain gluten. Consequently, you can have a reaction to drinks stored using these barrels. In order to avoid this, you should contact the vineyards and tell them about your gluten allergy/intolerance. They will be able to advice you about the safety of their caulking process.

If you would like help choosing our gluten free beers, lagers and ales, then please get in touch.

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Gluten-Free Living: What to Expect

Finding out that you need to follow gluten free diet can be never racking. It does mean making significant changes to your diet, and this isn’t always easy. Fortunately, with the correct knowledge and determination, you can live a normal life, and eat all the things that you could do before – albeit it different ways.

Understanding the issues: what is gluten?

Gluten is a type of protein and it is found in some of our staple grains, such as barley and rye. Because of this, it is present in many foods that we consume in the UK, such as breads, pizza, pasta, pastry, beers, and even black pudding.

When people have coeliac’s disease or a gluten intolerance, it means that they react badly to the gluten contained in these foods. It cases a wide range of symptoms, such as bloating, flatulence, weight loss, fatigue, tingling and numbness, and vomiting. These might sound mild, but they can be extremely dangerous and cause widespread problems in the body.

So, what can you do if you have coeliac’s or a gluten intolerance?

We mentioned earlier that you would have to stop eating pizza, pasta, beer, and various other things. Probably all of your favourites? But don’t worry you’re not alone, 1 in 100 people need to avoid gluten. Many people feel sad that they won’t be able to eat these foods anymore. Some people ignore the advice, and continue eating it anyway, then subsequently become ill.

Fortunately, you can eat these foods and not become ill; you simply need to eat gluten free food. There are many gluten free foods UK, so you have a wide choice. Today, your choice of food is far superior to what they were ten years ago.

There’s good news then: you can still eat all the foods you could before, you just have to substitute them for gluten free alternatives.

The choice of gluten free foods UK is fantastic, and if you’re willing to go that extra mile (e.g. making your own foods sometimes) then you can enjoy ‘normal’ foods. However, gluten free options are many and varied. You can now buy gluten free:

•Beers, lagers, and ales (spirits and wine are naturally gluten free – you do have to be a bit weary with wine though, because they sometimes use a flour-based caulk to seal the barrels. So, make sure you read the label/contact the manufacturer)

•Bread, pizza, muffins, pancake mix, and Yorkshire puddings

•Tinned soups

•Noodles, pasta, and rice

•Cakes & puddings (thank goodness!)



•Savoury snacks



This isn’t an exhaustive list. There are hundreds, and maybe even thousands of potential products that you can eat.

A word of warning

While avoiding gluten, it’s important that you don’t restrict your diet beyond avoiding gluten. Some people start to stick to very narrow diets out of fear of the side effects of consuming gluten. This leads to a lack of nutrients, and consequently, feeling unwell. As long as you’re careful, you can enjoy a safe and varied diet, and it is important that you do.

If you would like any other help or advice, then please get in touch.

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Gluten Intolerance Is No Longer A Life Sentence

If you are continually unwell with a bloated stomach, lack of energy and possible skin outbreaks you should have yourself tested by the doctor. One reason for feeling this way is the possibility of having coeliac disease or, if you are lucky, a wheat intolerance.

The test for coeliac disease is twofold. Firstly a blood test is done and if that points to the disease, then a biopsy is performed to ascertain the damage.

Both these groups should stay away from anything that contains gluten in order to start feeling well again. There are many gluten free products on the market nowadays and that includes gluten free gifts UK.

It is really important to get tested as for coeliacs this illness can be life threatening. The protein gluten will gradually damage the villi, which are the hair like protrusions on the intestinal lining. These are an important part of nutrient uptake for the body.

You can see that it is easy to become malnourished when this happens and it leads to all kinds of other health problems.

If you should cut out this protein, you will almost instantly feel better and become healthier. Skin and bowel problems will almost vanish overnight. Coeliac disease has been diagnosed before, but gluten intolerance is just now becoming recognised and doctors do advise if you suffer the latter to cut out or drastically reduce your gluten intake.

In the past a gluten free diet was hard to follow because there are so many foodstuffs that contain this protein. It is not only present in wheat and other grains, but also in cooking sauces and convenience meals.

Luckily manufacturers have seen the gap in the market and these days there are so many products on the market that can be safely eaten.

If you are partial to a glass of beer now and again, you need to know that the brewery industry have jumped on the band wagon and there are now very palatable lager type beers available. Some of them have even won awards.

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Go Away Gluten, We’re Eating Brunch

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but when it comes to people with a gluten allergy or intolerance, things aren’t quite as easy as they seem. When you’re first diagnosed with coeliac’s disease, or an intolerance, you can feel very despondent. It feels as if all the best food is out of bound to you, and nowhere is this more apparent than thinking about Sunday brunch.

Ah, Sunday brunch, it’s one of the best times of the week. Guess what? If you have problems with gluten, you don’t have to miss out at all. You can enjoy those lazy Sunday brunches too. Below, we’re going to give you a few ideas on how to do this.

Naturally Gluten Free Options

OK, so the first thing that we want to address is naturally gluten-free foods. These should form part of your diet, whether you have coeliac’s or not. Although, they’re considered more continental and exotic, there’s a wide range of fruit that you can add to your Sunday brunch.

The Salad and Fruit Aspect

•Spring onions

(N.B. all fruit and veg is naturally gluten free, it’s just that we don’t eat them all at brunch-time, so we aren’t listening the clearly non-breakfast choices, such as broccoli! Can you imagine, broccoli for breakfast!)

The Meat & Cheese Aspect

With any other meal, mixing meat and fruit might sound a bit weird (except pork and apple, or duck and orange, and…oh wait, there are plenty when you think about it), but it’s very common at brunch-time.

•Palma ham (with pineapple, of course)
•Emmental (preferably on the same plate as the Palma ham & pineapple)
•Eggs (not strictly a meat, but we thought it would fit nicely in this section)

Gluten Free Options

So, you see. You have many naturally gluten free breakfast choices available. But there are definitely a few things missing from the list. So, let’s try again, but this time, consider gluten free alternatives.

The Fruit and Veg Aspect
Clearly, all fruit and vegetables are gluten free, but when they come pre-packaged, you might have to check with the manufacturers that they have not been potentially subject to cross contamination. If they have, you can run into problems. Fortunately, this is relatively rare, because most fruit and veg aren’t prepared in the same areas as gluten foods.

The Meat & Cheese Aspects

There are some type of cheeses that contain gluten, so make sure to check the pack if you want to incorporate cheese in your gluten free breakfast.

In our originally meat list, we clearly omitted sausages and black pudding. This is because they can often contain gluten. If you want to add these to your brunch menu, you will have to buy gluten free alternatives.

Finally, we missed pancakes, bread, croissants, muffins, and waffles off the list, all of which are clearly a key feature of a good brunch. Fortunately, you can buy all of these foods gluten free. Alternatively, you can make them yourself. You don’t have to do that on the Sunday morning, though, you can make them a few days before and they’ll be good to go come Sunday.

So, you see, you can still enjoy a huge array of food, including some of our favourite meals…the only problem is finding someone to cook it for you so you can laze around to your heart’s content! It is Sunday, after all.

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Gluten Free Is Essential For Coeliacs

Potatoes are naturally free of gluten. Why are manufacturers producing crisps that do not contain this protein? The reason for this is that some of them have been processed with wheat products or they have been contaminated in the process.

As coeliac sufferers know, it is essential that they do not consume any products containing gluten. The protein has an adverse effect on the intestinal lining, causing it to be damaged or inflamed.

There are many people that now consume these products too and they are completely healthy. Nobody knows for sure why these particular foods have taken off.

If you have always eaten snacks in the past and you find yourself suffering from coeliac disease you need to know that there are gluten free crisps available that taste every bit as good as the real thing. Of course, you do not have to go for the potato variety. There are fruit crisps and others available too.

Coeliac disease is an auto immune disorder that often runs through families and others have a wheat allergy. Whilst it is imperative that coeliacs stay of gluten to avoid damaging their stomach lining, it is also advisable for people with wheat allergies eat less products that contain this protein.

The symptoms of these two are similar, but tests have shown that the latter’s intestinal lining is not affected. Symptoms include lethargy, a distended stomach and sometimes diarrhoea.

There is no reason why you should drop gluten from your diet if you are healthy and don’t suffer the above. Celebrity culture has a lot to do with the fact that people adopt this diet. You may feel better, but it is advisable to have the occasional wheat snack as you may lack essential vitamins if you don’t.

The fact of the matter is that sometimes, if you should adopt this diet, you will ditch the convenience foods, which is a good thing. It may be because you are eating healthy foods and wheat alternatives, you are indeed becoming healthier.

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It’s All Stacking Up Against The Grain

There are more vegetarians than coeliac disease sufferers, yet some burger chains have opted to sell their beefburgers in a gluten free bun. I suppose vegetarianism is a choice you make, but for coeliac sufferers do not have that option. There are always vegetarian options on the menu.

It is not surprising because demand for alternatives to wheat products has risen dramatically over the past couple of years. It is not only the coeliac disease sufferers and people with wheat allergens that are demanding change, but also others who are just opting to remove gluten from their diet.

If you are struggling to find interesting foodstuffs in this range, you may have to look online for gluten free food suppliers to get the choice you need. Most supermarkets do now have a section for these products and your health food store may also have a selection, the choice may be limited.

If you are in the supermarket it is sometimes hard to tell which foods have this protein in it. As a rule of thumb, if the products are cooking sauces and gravies, the chances are that they have been thickened with wheat flour.

You need to get to know foodstuffs to guess which ones you should not buy. It is very hard for coeliac disease sufferers to research this subject and also to ditch the food you love. However, gluten free produce is now very good as manufacturers have strived to improve on taste and appearance.

Nowadays there is also a group of people who swear by the health benefits of cutting out this protein. They are neither coeliac sufferers or are they gluten intolerant. There are various substitutes for wheat. Most often used are corn flour quinoa. Although potato crisps sometimes contain wheat, potatoes themselves are safe to eat and you can thicken sauces with them.

If you find a product that states that it is gluten free, you can assume that it means what it says. Foods have to be labelled carefully these days.

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Advice for Choosing Gluten Free Snacks

Snacks are an important part of the diet. They’re those little treats with which we reward ourselves each day. It’s good for the soul – although maybe not for the waistline – to indulge in a little snack occasionally.

However, when it comes to people that require a gluten-free diet, it isn’t always easy to choose snacks. This is especially true for people that are new to this type of diet. Well, we’re here to help make it a little easier. Below, you will find helpful advice about snacking while following a gluten-free diet.

Become FamiliarwithNaturally Gluten-Free Snacks

Gluten is generally present only in wheat-based foods. This means that there are many naturally gluten free products. Some of these make for fantastic snacks. They include:

•Nuts and seeds – this means that you can eat as many as you want, without becoming ill. However, they are rather fattening, so you might put on weight if you don’t eat them in moderation!

•Rice – rice isn’t generally considered a snack, but rice cakes are. You can eat rice cakes if you have a gluten allergy or intolerance.

•Corn – again, sweetcorn isn’t generally considered a snack, but popcorn is! Popcorn is naturally gluten free. Hooray.

•Fruits and vegetables – some people don’t consider these to be snack foods, but with fruit, we think that can be classed as a snack. After all, a banana contains almost as many calories as a small chocolate bar, so it’s not as if you can’t put weight on by eating too much fruit.

A word of caution: some of these foods may have added sauces/spices/preservative/ingredients that do contain gluten, so make sure that you read the packaging on things like popcorn and rice cakes. Even with nuts, you should probably still read the packaging, just in case. Unless you pluck them straight off the tree, there’s no sure fire way to know unless you read the packaging.

Be on the Look out for Gluten-Free Snacks That You Might Enjoy

There are many gluten free products UK. When you’re going about your business, you should keep your eyes peeled for gluten-free snacks. You’ll be surprised where you might find them. For instance, did you know that Eat Natural is usually gluten free?

You can find these all over the place, from petrol stations to your corner shop. There are plenty of examples of such foods. Because it can be difficult to find gluten-free snacks, whenever you come across one in the wild, you should take a note of it, so that you can buy it at a later date if you want to. Eventually, you’ll have a decent list of gluten free products UK.

Top tip: when taking notes, make sure that you write down where you saw the snack. There’s nothing worse than having an awesome snack on your list but not remembering where you saw it. When that happens, it just sits in your notebook taunting you.

Finally, Always Read the Label

If you suffer from celiac disease, then no doubt you are fed up with the constant repetition of this phrase. However, it’s vitally important that you read the ingredient label of any food that you choose to eat. Gluten can hide in products you wouldn’t imagine it to be in, and it’s always better to play it safe.

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Why It Makes Sense to Use the Internet to Buy Gluten-Free Food

The internet is an incredible invention. It has allowed the human race to do so many things that we otherwise couldn’t have done. One thing that it’s allowed us to do is to buy gluten-free foods from the comfort of our homes.

Here, we’re going to explore the top five reasons why it makes sense to buy gluten free food online, rather than in the supermarkets or specialist high-street shops.

1.It’s Often Cheaper to Buy Products Online
Without a doubt, the internet offers the best prices for most products. Whether you’re buying a car, a dog, a thimble, a video game – well, practically anything – in most instances, the internet will have it for the best price. There are several reasons for this:

I.There is more competition online. If you know anything about business, it’s surely that increased competition leads to lower prices. (unless there’s price fixing going on, but that’s illegal)

II.Online retailers often have fewer overheads. This means that they don’t need to spend as much money to pay their bills. As such, they are able to offer their customers lower prices.

2.There is More Choice of Products Online

You will find many more products online than you will find in the real world. Look at the collection of products offered here. You won’t find an aisle as well stocked in your local supermarket! We are able to offer you a wide range of products because we can afford to specialise in selling gluten free food online. Because we can reach a much larger range of people than a supermarket can – although a supermarket does get many people in, they don’t have many gluten free people – we are able to specialise in a single target market. This means that we can provide you with better choices.

3.It’s More Convenient Buying Online

It’s so much easier for you to buy gluten free food online than in the real world. You don’t even have to leave your house. You certainly don’t have to wander from shop to shop trying to find the correct products. Here, it’s all under one roof: yours. The only mild inconvenience is that you have to wait for delivery, but if you plan ahead, this shouldn’t be a problem.

4.You Can Read Up about the Product in Greater Depth

We offer a wealth of information about our products. This provides you with plenty of useful things to know. You can also go off site and do further research if you want to. You can do this in the real world too, but it means standing with your phone out trying to Google in the middle of a shop! Hardly the most convenient thing to do!

5.You Can Read Online Reviews about the Retailer and/or the Product

Finally, online, you have access to reviews left by other users. If you see a product on here that you like, you can go and check online to see if other people have tried the product and to find out if they like it. You can find review sites about retailers too, so you can rest safe in the knowledge that you’re shopping with a reputable business.

We hope that you now understand the fantastic opportunity afforded by shopping online. The internet is fantastic.

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Top 10 Tips for a Gluten-free Diet-Infographic

Our infographic provides helpful information, tips, and advice for people following a gluten-free diet. Print it off and stick it to your fridge or kitchen cupboards, and it will prove an invaluable resource, acting as a quick reference guide concerning common, every day, foods and their gluten contents. Continue reading

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