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The following is a brief descripton of the relation between coeliac disease and gluten-free foods we stock. 

At the Gluten-Free shop we do not try to sell you products that are naturally gluten-free. These products are often expensive when sold as wheat free and can sometimes be sold to unsuspecting customers who are purchasing gluten-free food or wheat-free food.


Wheat-free beer and wheat-free lager also referred to as gluten-free lager and gluten-free beer.

The ingredient glycoproteins (gluten) is not included in any gluten-free beer or lager. Glycoproteins are unsuitable for those with a variety of medical conditions, causing an autoimmune response that can lead to more serious conditions. People that must avoid gluten in their diet have a reaction to gliadin found in wheat and more often of importance for beer, hordein, the 'gluten' of barley. That is why it is of upmost importance ceoliacs may only drink gluten-free beer. Only a very few specialist breweries cater for coeliacs, those who would not be able to tolerate the above mentioned ingredients, found in wheat. Buckwheat, an ingredient high in rutine which strengthens blood vessels and also high in fagopyrins- decreases blood cholesterol and is high in protien and sorghum, high in vitamin B, B6 and folacin and rich in calcium are two main ingredients used by gluten-free brewers.  Standards of gluten-free do vary. In the UK a beer with less than 20 parts per million gluten (20ppm) is deemed gluten-free.  Brewers producing low gluten beers are required to test every batch for gluten, recording the levels in parts per million (ppm).  Formulas for home brewing kits would typically include a sweet sorghum syrup as the main carbohydrate. It is commercially manufactured from sorghum grain to act as a malt substitute and contain the necessary amino acids and unfermentable sugars needed for yeast nutrition. Honey, maltodextrin and roasted or malted buckwheat are included for character. Commercial gluten-free home brewing kits that contain sorghum syrup, hops, yeast and other ingredients are often more costly than standard home brew kits.

One of our main aims when we started the gluten-free shop was to provide people who are wheat intolerant or have to maintain a wheat free diet / gluten free diet, with a varied choice of gluten-free beer, and wheat free beer. We believe we have been successful in stocking many different brands of gluten-free beer such as Ambar, Saxon, Daas, Cropcircle, Celia, Night Mission, Estrella Damm Daura, Hambleton Ales.  Our aim is to provide a variety of gluten-free lagers, ales and gluten-free beers under one roof for our customers to enjoy. We are constantly looking for new and exciting gluten-free and wheat free beers to maintain this commitment to our customers.



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