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If you are a coeliac gluten free beer is always hard to find.  Below is a review of the various beers we stock - in order of popularity and with comments from our customers:-



  • Saxon  is naturally gluten free and is brewed in Finland by Carlsberg.  This is the only gluten free lager we are aware of which comes in a can -and a large 500ml size one at that.  We have been told how convenient it is to take to BBQ's and parties.  It is 4.1% ABV and a great tasting and refreshing gf lager.  We sell it it by case of 6, 24 or 48 - the later proving really good value with just one delivery charge to be paid.


  • Ambar is a barley malt beer brewed and bottled in Spain ideally suited for all coeliacs. With a gluten level of 6ppm. It has all the characteristics of a traditional Spanish flavoured beer.  It is similar in taste to San Miguel and Corona.   Ambar has an ABV of 5.2% and a smooth malty taste. This is currently one of the best value gluten free beers we stock.  It is available in cases of 6, 24 or 32.


"I have tried many different beers over the years and have settled on Ambar.

This beer is refreshingly continental, very easy to drink without loosing the subtle taste of the hops. It is well balanced, with just the right amount of fermentation but should be drunk chilled to make the most  of this excellent lager."


  • Daas Ambre is a traditional rich and complex organic Belgian amber ale. It was the Free From Foods best gluten free beer 2012 winner.It is also vegetarian and vegan. It is deep amber in colour with a full head, fruity aroma and fruity flavour.  Good and rounded with a dry finish. Excellent, well-balanced beer. It is 6.5% ABV and 330 ml bottle size.  It is available in cases of 6 or 18.

"Sweet, chocolatey, Hoppy finish, Roasted flavour, Coffee, Dark flavours, No chemical aftertaste, Satisfying. 10/10"

  • Daas Blond is an organic strong Belgian golden beer, the honey spiced aromas and perfectly balanced bitter sweet flavours are followed by a full rounded classic dry hop finish. It is also vegetarian and vegan.  It is 6.5% ABV and 330 ml bottle size.  It is available in cases of 6 or 18.

    "Refreshing, Special, Sweet, Well rounded, Pleasant aftertaste, Pure tasting. No chemical aftertaste, Easy to drink, Moreish. 10/10"

  • Against the Grain by Wold Top Brewery. Has been declared the most beer like of all gluten free and low gluten free beers in taste tests.  Made from lager malt, maize, hops and yeast.  It is a premium full flavoured bitter beer with a good creamy head, refreshing bitterness and citrus after taste. Certified Gluten Free with a gluten content at less than 7.5 ppm.  It is 6% ABV and 500 ml bottle size.  It is available in cases of 6 or 18


  • Scarborough FairGluten free and wheat free maize ale. From the same brewery as the CAMRA winning Against the Grain.  Strong and well hopped India Pale Ale. Brewed with a pale Wold grown malt base, a triple hop blend and Maize for the head retention. Certified Gluten Free with a gluten content at less than 7.5 ppm.  It is 6% ABV and 500 ml bottle size.  It is available in cases of 6 or 18

     "Just tried the Scarborough Fair. I used to be a member of CAMRA, and in my opinion this rates with the best of them".

  • Crop Circle by champion brewers, Hopback Brewery. A very clean, flaxen-coloured beer with wonderful thirst-quenching properties. The subtle blend of aroma and bittering hops give a crispness on the tongue which is delicately fruity, giving way to some dryness. An amazing balance of light cereals and fruity hops is found here. Very zesty flavours give way to a drying finish making this a very satisfying golden ale. The inclusion of flaked maize in the grist subtlely hints at crisp corn flavours. Crop Circle has an ABV of 4.2% and 500 ml bottle size.   Sold in cases of 6 or 18.  Hopback Crop Circle bottled condition beer is now acredited as gluten free and a recognised prouct by Coeliac UK.


"Now Crop circle is a lovely beer, ideal for those who, like me have been beer drinkers for years and years and then are diagnosed, most cruelly, as a coeliac. CC  is just like a 'proper' ale, actually, more like an I.P.A., with that lovely tang which snaps at your tongue, almost a herby tinge to it. I shall need more of that, as it brings back sensations I thought I had lost."


  •  Estrella Damm have created a lager beer without gluten containing the highest quality ingredients , producing a distinctive crisp light flavour with a full body. Daura is a deceptively strong Spanish lager. Served ice cold, a perfect companion on a summer evening. Estrella Damm states that the gluten contained in the barely malt included in the beer's ingredients has been hydrolysed during the production process. This guarantees the final products gluten content is below 9ppm (parts per million). So that people who have a gluten intolerance can enjoy the unmistakable flavour of Estrella Damm Daura with total assurance.    ABV of 5.4% and 330 ml bottles.  Sold in cases of 6, 24 or 32.


  • Nick Stafford's Hambleton Ales ( GFL gluten free lager) This brewery produced their first beer free from gluten in 2005, with the pedigree of a CAMRA award in 1997 for the champion winter beer of Britain, together with their gluten free ale, this gluten and wheat free lager is another success. It is a characterful fruity lager derived from finest continental stylian hops and traditional East Kent Goldings. A refreshing amber lager with a real bite at 5.2% ABV.  It has a strong dark colour and real ale aroma with the flavour to match. ABV of 5.2% and 500 ml bottles. Sold in cases of 6 or 18.


  • Nick Stafford's Hambleton Ales ( GFL gluten free tawny ale) This was first produced in 2005, with the pedigree of a CAMRA award in 1997 for the champion winter beer of Britain.  It is the only beer of its type brewed in the UK, using sophisticated filtering techniques allow this “Tawny” (Brown) Ale brewed using Cascade, Liberty & Challenger Hops & specially prepared dark sugars an initial sweetness giving way to a fruit & hop character with a strong citrus finish, whilst remaining Gluten-free. Best served slightly chilled.  4.8% ABV 500 ml bottles.  Sold in cases of 6 or 18.


  • Celia  The first and only gluten-free Czech pilsener in the UK, craft brewed inside Zatec castle using 100% Saaz noble hops. This gives CELIA a spicy, clean bitterness best appreciated with quality food. Suitable for coeliacs & vegans.   4.5% ABV  330 ml bottles.  Sold in cases of 6, 24 or 32.


  • Night Mission     The latest GF beer in the market place hails from Glebe Farm, near Huntingdown.  "Night mission" (formally known as Pathfinder) camd about due to the farm's historical links to the famour wartime pathfinder squadrons.  There are many airfields close to the brewery.  It is a medium dark, brown ale, with good "hoppiness" and flabour - evoking the taste of a traditional English Bitter.  4.2% ABV  300ml bottles.  Sold in cases of 6, 24 or 32.

    "I thoroughly enjoyed this gluten-free beer. In my view, it has a good flavour, but not too strong. I also like the bottle size, not too large, so you don't end up drinking too much. All in all, a good purchase."





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