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Plan Your Gluten Free Food MenuIf you have recently been diagnosed with coeliac disease, or are looking to enjoy the benefits of a gluten free diet, there are many different alternatives to wheat laden products available for you to enjoy.


With reported cases of coeliac disease being on the rise through the UK, many people are turning to a gluten free diet as a way to reduce to potential negative effects of enjoying wheat heavy food and drinks. Going gluten free is easy once you know how!


An Easy Guide To A Gluten Free Diet


Making the transition from traditional foods to gluten-free may seem like a difficult task, but here at, we can supply you with healthy, delicious, gluten-free alternatives to make the change as seamless as possible.


Whatever your reasons for considering going gluten free, remember that this is much more than just a “diet”. It is an entire diet and lifestyle choice that can help you feel happier and healthier for many years to come.


Learn How To Find Hidden Gluten


Sure, gluten can be found in pasta, breads and other traditionally “wheaty” products, but gluten is a complicated creature that can also be found in products where you would least expect to find it.   From sausages made with bread crumbs through to thickeners in some of your favourite sweet treats, gluten is all around us. By getting to know what foods are completely gluten free, and which ones aren’t, you can manage your diet without risking any slip-ups.


Try Gluten Free Alternatives


Here at, we sell an online selection of some the very best gluten-free drinks, flours, cakes, biscuits, crackers, sauces and condiments that can all be delivered directly to your door. You can try all of our products for size, and see for yourselves that giving up gluten doesn’t mean given up taste or texture. Like all new eating routines and lifestyle changes, the best way to decide which products work best of you us to try as many as possible and stick with the ones you like best.


Opt For Naturally Gluten-Free Alternatives


As well as choosing gluten free alternatives you can also create a recipe base made up of those ingredients which are naturally free from gluten. Fruit, vegetables, seafood, meat and poultry are all gluten free and easy to find virtually anywhere. Making fresh, healthy meals from scratch, using simple ingredients will not only eliminate the risk of gluten contamination, but will also help you to stay lean and feel healthy.


Plan Your Gluten Free Food Menu


Never get caught short and run the risk of reaching for a gluten-laden nasty, plan your meals for the week and make sure you have plenty of healthy gluten-free snacks to hand to keep you satisfied. As with many new lifestyle routines, good planning is the key to success, and going gluten free is certainly no different in this respect. Plan your meals for the week ahead, to reduce the risks and to help you better manage your budget.


Find A Great Gluten Free Supplier


Gluten free products can be expensive. Buying in bulk can make your money go further. Also, if you buy online from Gluten Free specialists like us, we can provide you with the very best tasting alternatives to wheat laden food and drinks, all delivered directly to your door.

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