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As a beer lover, 2017 offers you more refreshingly exotic brews than ever before. Whether you are looking for gluten free beer or the standard stuff, craft breweries are now offering a wide and varied selection of beers, ales and stouts to suit every taste and dietary requirement.


Craft beers are so much more than just a hipster buzzword, they are a whole new generation of brewed beverages made in completely new and organic ways.

What is craft beer?


Craft beer is produced in a microbrewery or craft brewery which produces small amounts of beer, typically much smaller than large-scale corporate breweries, and is owned independently. Their focus is never on mass production, but instead on experimental tastes and textures that offer the consumer a top quality alternative to mass produced beers and ales. The brewing techniques they use have a strong emphasis on quality and flavour.


The micro brewing movement has actually been around for many years. As early as the 1970s, artisanal brewing was common place in Europe and America. As the movement grew, these brewing techniques spread to other countries as breweries expanded their production and distribution.


The latest innovation in brewing techniques offers consumers who cannot or do not want to consume gluten beers, lagers and ales that taste just as good as their wheat-filled contemporaries. Gluten free craft beers now offer a tasty alternative to regular beers, all brewed with tender loving care by microbreweries and brew pubs throughout the UK.


Gluten Free Craft Beers – A Revolution In Artisanal Beverages


Finding a gluten free beer that actually looked and tasted good was a big problem for many years. Luckily enough, the field of craft brewing gluten-free beer has come a long way from its humble beginnings, and now offers a really strong variety of beverages to choose from.


That said, even in 2017, you still cannot rely on every pub, restaurant or nightclub in the UK offering a gluten free selection for those looking to avoid the grain. Brewers of gluten free craft beer have managed to perfect a technique that allows beers to be crafted to remove gluten. This offers a much more varied palette of flavours and offers something for everyone to enjoy.


Whilst early gluten-free beers tended to be reminiscent of vaguely weak lagers, modern day gluten free craft beers are finally representing the varied tastes and needs of gluten free drinkers throughout the UK.


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