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Are you looking for gluten free beers, ales, lagers & food that can be delivered directly to your door?

Well, here at Gluten Free Shop we can do that for you with all gluten free goods delivered directly to you within just 48 hours! What more could you ask for?


Why Gluten Free?


If you suffer from Coeliac Disease or just enjoy a clean eating lifestyle, gluten free food and drinks offer a healthy alternative to their wheat based contemporaries.


Over recent years, more and more people are living life without gluten to prevent illness or just to improve their own well being. Out of what started life as a few products that invariably tasted like cardboard, a huge new market of gluten free products has hit home. So if you are looking to escape the grain, you can still enjoy great tasting food, wines and beers by ordering from


Why Buy Online?


As a seasoned sufferer you will no doubt have seen the increased number of gluten free options available in High Street stores, restaurants and major supermarkets. But even with more products devoted to gluten free, it can still seem like a struggle to find great tasting, inexpensive options.


What if you could have all of your gluten free products all delivered your door within 48 hours of ordering? Well, now you can. Thanks to our you can now eat gluten free without even leaving the house.

With the summer in sight, here’s our top gluten free recommendations:

Enjoy a beer or two without the wheat


Gluten Free beer has become a bit of trend of late. With craft ales becoming so popular, many breweries and brew houses are providing an ever increasing range of unusual and unique beers that cater for all taste. In amongst this growing inventory of deliciousness, gluten free options have been springing up all over the place. Chose from gluten free lagers, ales and stouts to enjoy all year round.

Snacks and bread without the bloat


Many people who want to forego gluten based products believe that they can no longer eat bread, biscuits and many other wheat based treats. Luckily for us, this is just not the case as there are so many lovey gluten free alternatives to choose from. Our online shop stocks a wide variety of cake, bread and pastry mixes as well as crisps, biscuits and snacks that are 100% gluten free.


Pasta perfection


Pasta is traditionally very wheat and carb heavy, and whilst yummy and satisfying, it is not good for anyone with an intolerance. If your boodles and corghetti just aren’t doing it for you anymore, why not pick from our wide range of gluten free pastas, all delicious and all ready to be delivered to you within 48 hours.


Here at we work hard to provide our customers with some of the very best alternatives to traditional, wheat heavy food and beverages. You can order a wide variety of food and drink products from us, all ready to be delivered directly to you door within 48 hours. Sit back and enjoy – the gluten free way.




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