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Looking To Buy Gluten Free Beer OnlineIf you are looking to go gluten free, you may be worried that you wont be able to enjoy the great taste of an ice cold beer on a hot day, or a heart warming ale in the winter.


Luckily, this is simply not the case. Gluten free does not mean alcohol or taste free, and here at we have a wide range of gluten free beers, ales and stouts for you to buy directly from us online.


The selection of Gluten free beverages available online is now wide and varied. From beers to soft beverages, there really is something to suit everyone.


Beware The Hidden Ingredients


Gluten can be found in a wide variety of beers, hard ciders, ales, stouts and some other alcoholic beverages. It can even sneak its way into some fizzy drinks, fruit juices and soft drinks. The best way to ensure you avoid a gluten related mishap is to get to know which gluten free options are available to you, so you can make informed decisions both at home and when enjoying a drink out and about.


Most distilled drinks like vodka, sherry, gin and other spirits are generally safe to drink, although you should always check the labels for any warnings as people with a high sensitivity to gluten may still have a reaction as not all distillation processes are thorough enough to remove all gluten. Some alcohols add a grain mash after distillation to add flavour or colour which can also contain gluten.


Be aware that drinks with an alcoholic strength by volume (abv) of more than 1.2% do not have to list all ingredients? This means they could contain gluten and you should always be sure to check the label if you are intolerant. For drinks with an alcoholic strength by volume (abv) of 1.2% or less, all ingredients must be listed and allergens emphasised, for example in bold. If you are in any doubt, be sure to check the label before consuming.


If they contain an allergen (including gluten-containing cereals) they must declare this on the packaging, for example ‘contains wheat’. The only exception to this is that if the name of the drink contains the name of the allergen they do not have to do this, for example ‘wheat beer’ would not have to state it contains wheat. Every alcoholic beverage should clearly state on the packaging which allergens are present.


Which Gluten Free Drinks Can I Enjoy?


If you want to be completely certain that you will not suffer any ill affects from enjoying a quick drink, stick to the following types of beverages to ensure gluten free enjoyment:


Wine and Champagnes – a nice glass if vino or bubbly should not cause you any problems at all. Wine is gluten-free because it is made from grapes.


Fizzy Drinks – the majority of big brand canned drinks are gluten free. This includes beverages from Coca-Cola, Pepsi, 7UP, Sprite, Dr Pepper and Fanta. If you are in any doubt, always read the labels.


Fruit Juices – fruit does not contain gluten, therefore 100% fruit juice is gluten-free and safe to drink. Stick to those that contain nothing but pure juice though as fruit flavoured drinks may contain gluten.


Coffee – Most big brand coffee products do not contain gluten. If you opt for a flavoured coffee though, for example caramel flavour, it may contain gluten so always read the label for clarification.


Gluten Free Beers and Spirits – If, like us, you enjoy a night out and don’t want to compromise on taste or texture, there are a wide range of gluten friendly beers, ales, stouts and spirits available for you to enjoy. Here at we can deliver boxes of your favourite gluten free bevies direct to you door. Order today and keep the grain at bay.

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