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Are you the type of person who enjoys kicking back with a beer in hand?

Well, if you have a Gluten intolerance or are trying to enjoy a cleaner lifestyle, lagers and ales can actually cause you health issues that are anything but relaxing. Here at we offer a wide range of Gluten Free that you can buy online, designed to suit everyone looking for a wheat free alternative.


The increased number of diagnosed Coeliacs, along with the growing demand for wheat free beers, wines and for products means that breweries are working hard to cater for those looking to forego the grains.


Despite the growing interest in a gluten free lifestyle, enjoyable gluten free beers can be hard to source in your local pub or supermarket. A specialist craft beer store may well be able to offer you something that suits, but by buying online you have a vast array of beverages to choose from.


Are Gluten Free Beers Nice?


Given that most regular beers contain at least some gluten which comes from the barley and other cereals used in brewing, you would think that removing this key ingredient would effect the taste of the brew. But, breweries that are serious about providing a genuinely gluten free alternative work hard to produce a beer that tastes every bit as good as normal ales and beers.


Their dedication to the cause means that there are some really tasty gluten free beers and ales on the market today. Beers brewed mainly from cereals such as millet, rice, sorghum, buckwheat and corn (maize), which do not contain gluten, do not trigger an autoimmune response in celiacs, making them suitable for sufferers. Finding gluten free bevies that still taste like a genuine beer though, can be a tough slog.


Here at we appreciate that just because something is free from gluten, it shouldn’t be free of the taste and texture that make is enjoyable. That is why we only stock food and drinks that offer a really good alternative to regular wheat laden beverages.


Our range of gluten free beers that are available to buy online include some of the most popular brands on the market today. Chose from Omission Pale Ale, Westerham Ales and Stouts, Hamilton Ales, Stringers Outlook Ales and Stouts and Saxon Lagers amongst many others.


Stock Up On Gluten Free


Never be caught short again by ordering some of our ale and lager mixed selection packs, beer and ale small packs or beer and ale extra value packs to keep your fridge fully stocked at all times.


Enjoy them at home, or share them with your friends – you never know, some of our beers are so good they may not even notice the missing ingredient!


If you are looking to buy gluten free beers online, hop on over to our online shop and take your pick from our vast selection of beers, ales and stouts all waiting to be delivered direct to your door.

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