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12 Gluten Free Ale Selection Pack


Too good to be true! 12 Gluten Free Ales sourced from UK & Europe Brewers just for you.

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12 item Ale Selection Pack.

This case includes a varied selection of the following we will select our favourites of the week to tickle your taste buds (you will not receive more than 2 bottles the same!):


As Good as Gold – Hambletons Gluten Free Premium Beer 4.5% 500ml

A refreshing Golden Ale with hints of orange lemon and lychee leading to a subtle bitterness from Northdown hops 

Against the Grain – Wold Top Gluten Free 4.5% 500ml

A premium full flavoured bitter beer with a good creamy head refreshing bitterness and citrus aftertaste 

Stringers Outlook Gluten Free Amber Ale 4.9% 500ml

A delicious Gluten Free Amber Ale from Stringers craft brewery in Cumbria. Excellent beer from a small family run award  winning brewer of lovely beer!  A full bodied spicy beer with notes of caramel and herbs.

  Stringers Outlook Gluten Free Golden Ale 3.7% 500ml

A beautifully balanced Golden Ale from Stringers craft brewery in Cumbria. Excellent beer from a small family run award winning brewer of lovely beer! Light and zesty with floral and honey notes. 

 Crop Circle – Hop Back Gluten Free Beer 4.2% 500ml

Very zesty flavours give way to a drying finish making this a very satisfying golden ale A very clean flaxen-coloured beer with wonderful thirst-quenching A very clean flaxen-coloured beer with wonderful thirst-quenching   

Scarborough Fair – Wold Top Gluten Free IPA 6.0% 500ml

Strong and well hopped India Pale Ale. Brewed with a pale Wold grown malt base and a triple hop blend 

Hambleton Ales GFA Gluten Free 4.8% 500ml

A tawny Ale with aromas of Cascade Liberty and Challenger hops and specially prepared dark sugars providing full bodied initial sweetness giving way to pronounced fruit and hop character with a strong citrus finish 

Daas Ambre Gluten Free 6.5% 330ml

An authentic Belgian Amber Ale. This rich & complex ale with deep fragrant aromas and a smooth caramel & sweet malt flavours leading to a dry spiced hop finish is truly what a Belgian Amber ale is noted for worldwide. 

Marmalade Porter – Wold Top Gluten Free 5.0% 500ml

A complex rich dark porter with a sweet malty base overtones of bitter orange and hints of coffee and chocolate

Stringers Outlook Dark Porter – Gluten Free 5.1% 500ml

A lovely rich porter from our friends at Stringers Brewery.  Flavours of caramel dried fruit and light smoke with a nutty finish

Audit Ale – Westerham Brewing Co – Gluten Free 6.2% 330ml

A strong ale with complex fruit flavours. A SIBA gold medal beer.  Made with pale and crystal malts and a huge charge of Kent Goldings Hops

Viceroy IPA – Westerham Brewing Co – Gluten Free 5.0% 500ml

A true English IPA – Golden and Hoppy.  A beautiful iIndia Pale Ale brewed with lots of hops to produce a golden ale hoppy and bitter.

Double Stout – Westerham Brewing Co – Gluten Free 5.5% 330ml

Dark ebony rich double stout with warm chocolate flavours brewed to the same strength as the 1938 beer brewed by Black Eagle Brewery.

Pathfinder Night Mission – Glebe Farm – Gluten Free 4.2% 330ml

A medium dark brown ale with good hoppiness and flavour evoking the tast of a traditional English Bitter. 

Wellington Bomber Porter – Glebe Farm – Gluten Free 5.0% 330ml

A British style dark porter.  Smooth and dark with a flavour of roasted malt coffee and a subtle chocolate finish. 

  The Hepworth Collection – Hepworth & Co Brewery – Gluten Free 4.0-5.0% 330ml-500ml

A range of beers including their Sussex Bitter Pullman Ale Prospect pale ale Iron Horse ale & Old ale.

The Bellfield Collection -Bellfield Brewery – Gluten Free 4.5% 330ml

The range now inlcudes their  Lawless IPA

The First Chop Brewing Arm – A range of from their 3.5% Blonde to their 6.2% IPA

8 to choose from including Ava Blonde 3.5% Salford Red at 4.6% up to their SYL Black Jaggery IPA at 6.2%

Ocho Reales Range – 355ml Ale Porter or Pilsner


Contents may vary subject to availability and promotions on new Ales.

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