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18 Gluten Free Ale and Lager selection pack


18 Gluten Free Ale and Lager Selection Pack – Fabulous selection of traditional brews and great flavours – who knew GF could taste so good!

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Newly diagnosed?- new to gluten free beers and lagers? – Try our starter packs – one each of 18 beers in our gluten free beer ale and lager ranges.

Ambar Gluten Free Cerveza Especial 5.2% 330ml

A bright effervescent light golden award winning Spanish Cerveza specially brewed in North Eastern Spain

Hambleton’s GFL 5.2% 500ml

A Pale lager style beer with an initial fullness complemented by a fruit character derived from East Kent Goldings and Continental Styrian hops finishing with bitterness and citrus notes

Celia Organic Gluten Free Premium Czech Lager 4.5% 330ml

A premium craft Czech Pilsner made from 100% natural ingredients – Saaz Hops  Morovian Malt & water from local natural reservoirs

Celia Dark Gluten Free Premium Czech Lager 5.7% 330ml

A classic Czech Beer with burnt caramel aromas

Saxon Gluten Free Premium Lager 4.1% 500ml

A Premium Lager Beer produced with the highest quality barley malt and hops

Daas Blond Gluten Free Lager 6.5% 330ml

An authentic strong Belgian Golden Beer with fine honeyed spice aroma and a perfect balance of bitter and sweet flavours

As Good as Gold – Hambletons Gluten Free Premium Beer 4.5% 500ml

A refreshing Golden Ale with hints of orange lemon and lychee leading to a subtle bitterness from Northdown hops

Against the Grain – Wold Top Gluten Free 4.5% 500ml

A premium full flavoured bitter beer with a good creamy head refreshing bitterness and citrus aftertaste

Stringers Outlook Gluten Free Amber Ale 4.9% 500ml

A delicious Gluten Free Amber Ale from Stringers craft brewery in Cumbria. Excellent beer from a small family run award  winning brewer of lovely beer!  A full bodied spicy beer with notes of caramel and herbs.

Stringers Outlook Gluten Free Golden Ale 3.7% 500ml

A beautifully balanced Golden Ale from Stringers craft brewery in Cumbria. Excellent beer from a small family run award winning brewer of lovely beer! Light and zesty with floral and honey notes.

Crop Circle – Hop Back Gluten Free Beer 4.2% 500ml

Very zesty flavours give way to a drying finish making this a very satisfying golden ale A very clean flaxen-coloured beer with wonderful thirst-quenching A very clean flaxen-coloured beer with wonderful thirst-quenching

Scarborough Fair – Wold Top Gluten Free IPA 6.0% 500ml

Strong and well hopped India Pale Ale. Brewed with a pale Wold grown malt base and a triple hop blend

Hambleton Ales GFA Gluten Free 4.8% 500ml

A tawny Ale with aromas of Cascade Liberty and Challenger hops and specially prepared dark sugars providing full bodied initial sweetness giving way to pronounced fruit and hop character with a strong citrus finish

Daas Ambre Gluten Free 6.5% 330ml

An authentic Belgian Amber Ale. This rich & complex ale with deep fragrant aromas and a smooth caramel & sweet malt flavours leading to a dry spiced hop finish is truly what a Belgian Amber ale is noted for worldwide.

Marmalade Porter – Wold Top Gluten Free 5.0% 500ml

A complex rich dark porter with a sweet malty base overtones of bitter orange and hints of coffee and chocolate

Stringers Outlook Dark Porter – Gluten Free 5.1% 500ml

A lovely rich porter from our friends at Stringers Brewery.  Flavours of caramel dried fruit and light smoke with a nutty finish

Ocho Reales Ale – Gluten Free 5.0% 330ml

New this season. Ocho Reales Mexican Ale. Medium Dark Amber with a lasting head. Aromas of malt and a little hoppiness. Finishing clean and sweet

Audit Ale – Westerham Brewing Co – Gluten Free 6.2% 330ml

A strong ale with complex fruit flavours. A SIBA gold medal beer.  Made with pale and crystal malts and a huge charge of Kent Goldings Hops

Viceroy IPA – Westerham Brewing Co – Gluten Free 5.0% 500ml

A true English IPA – Golden and Hoppy.  A beautiful iIndia Pale Ale brewed with lots of hops to produce a golden ale hoppy and bitter.

Double Stout – Westerham Brewing Co – Gluten Free 5.5% 330ml

New this Season – Dark ebony rich double stout with warm chocolate flavours brewed to the same strength as the 1938 beer brewed by Black Eagle Brewery.

Pathfinder Night Mission – Glebe Farm – Gluten Free 4.2% 330ml

A medium dark brown ale with good hoppiness and flavour evoking the tast of a traditional English Bitter.

Wellington Bomber Porter – Glebe Farm – Gluten Free 5.0% 330ml

New this season – A British style dark porter.  Smooth and dark with a flavour of roasted malt coffee and a subtle chocolate finish.

The Hepworth Collection – Hepworth & Co Brewery – Gluten Free 4.0-5.0% 330ml-500ml

A range of beers including their Organic Blonde lager Saxon lager Sussex Bitter Pullman Ale Prospect pale ale Iron Horse ale & Old ale.

The Bellfield Collection -Bellfield Brewery – Gluten Free 4.5% 330ml

The range now inlcudes their Bohemium Pilsner & Lawless IPOthers may be available from time to time.

The First Chop Brewing Arm – A range of from their 3.5% Blonde to their 6.2% IPA

8 to choose from including Ava Blonde 3.5% Salford Red at 4.6% up to their SYL Black Jaggery IPA at 6.2%

Ocho Reales Range – 355ml Ale Porter or Pilsner


Contents may vary subject to availability and promotions on new lagers & Ales.


Customer Comments:-

“I bought the Mixed Case of Gluten Free beers for my husband. You should have seen his face light up! To go from one choice to twelve was almost mind blowing. He made notes on each beer which he preferred or which went well with different foods. He loved it! There were only 2 beers that weren’t to his taste – but he still managed to finish them.”

“Really the pick of all of the Gluten-Free Shop deals has to be the selection pack. Superb range of beers to savour and fantastic value.”


“Recently found your site and placed my first order very impressed with the customer service and delighted to now have 12 different gluten free beers to sample over the festive period. The only trouble will be in deciding which ones to choose! Both the Scarborough Fair and Estrella Damn are particularly impressive. Well done keep up the good work.”

Photograph for illustration purposes only – contents as per list above.  Contents may vary subject to stock availability

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