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As Good As Gold – Hambletons Gluten Free Golden Ale case of 18 (4.5% ABV 500 ml bottles)

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An antique gold colour highlights the refined balance of flavours from a subtle variety of malts and hops. ONLY £2.50 PER BOTTLE

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In a class entirely of its own there is no denying the superb pedigree or flavour kick delivered by this refreshing golden ale. With hints of orange lemon and lychee leading to a subtle bitterness from Northdown hops.

As Good As Gold is has been designed to be enjoyed by all drinkers coeliac or not and we have every batch tested by the Elisa R5 method. The current batch specified below is less than 20 ppm and therefore Gluten Free. A copy of the test result is available to view on our website and the current batch has been tested at less than 10 ppm.

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As Good As Gold is gluten free and a Certificate of Authenticity is provided on this web page. Also the name was chosen carefully to reflect that this beer will behave itself in the sensitive stomachs of coeliacs.

Hambleton’s have brewed this beer for all consumers not just for the gluten free market as they  have been rather disappointed by the segregation of coeliacs from the beer market and the rather clinical categorisation of ‘gluten free beers’.  This beer has been designed for all drinkers of whatever alimentary persuasion .


4.5% ABV



18 bottles


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