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Saxon Premium Gluten Free Lager Case of 48 (4.1% ABV 500ml cans)


Saxon is a Premium lager produced by Carlsberg in Finland using the highest quality barley malt and hops. Only available in the UK on this site! ONLY £1.98 PER CAN

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Saxon is a premium lager beer produced with the highest quality barley malt and hops. Unlike regular lager beers Saxon is brewed with a process which removes the gluten normally present in beers. The end result is the world’s first fresh gluten free beer with the authentic taste of a premium lager.

The Unique Process
Barley malt is the natural raw material for beer production. Barley contains proteins that can be detrimental to coeliac disease sufferers. The malting and brewing processes diminish the amount of harmful proteins in beer but regular lager beers still contain some gluten. Oy Sinebrychoff Ab Breweries has modified the traditional brewing process to minimize the gluten content of barley malt beer.

The Gluten Free Logo
The brewing process gives a result that means that Saxon lager beer comes out with less than 20 ppm gluten in various measuring methods and thus Sinebrychoff has been given permission to use the Gluten Free Logo.

We have developed Saxon a gluten free beer to do just this. We believe that all consumers above the legal drinking age should be able to enjoy high quality beer if they wish to do so. At present there are a few percent of people who may not be able to do so due to the gluten naturally present in beer. We aim to change this situation by offering consumers the possibity to enjoy a genuine quality gluten free lager beer. After all beer has for centuries been an integral part of culture and social occasions around the world.


48 cans x 500 ml 

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