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If you are looking for a gluten free beer store in the UK, you may not find one that offers all you want on the High Street. Whilst supermarkets, off licenses and the odd local brewery may sell a limited selection of gluten free goodies, if you want a superior selection, you will need to buy your bevies online.


Here at we stock Europe’s largest range of gluten-free beers, lagers and ales. We are delighted to be able to deliver everything you need direct to your door, by the case or by the bottle.


The Very Best Gluten Free Beer Store UK


Formed in 2007, we became very aware of the increasing difficulties faced by individuals trying to find tasty gluten-Free foods, beer, lagers and ale. Whether they suffered with Coeliac disease or were on a gluten-free diet, the only options available to them were limited and often pretty tasteless.


Our aim is to supply new, delicious and more artisan-type gluten-free foods that are not easily available at a regular supermarket or on the High Street. We want our customers to experience the very best gluten free products on the market, which is why we are dedicated to ensuring that those on a gluten-free diet don’t miss out on the good things in life.


Affordable, High Quality Gluten Free Beers Online


We also appreciate that specialist beers and those that cater for specific dietary requirements are often that little bit more expensive than regular beers. This is why we make it our priority to supply affordable gluten free food and drink to our customers.


Many of the items available from us are basic items, which is why we believe that they shouldn’t be overpriced.


The Gluten Free Revolution Is Here


A gluten free diet offers many health benefits to everyone, whether they are wheat intolerant or not. This is becoming more and more recognised as people cut out wheat from their diets to reduce bloating and to help them feel good all over.


Our stomachs can’t fully digest wheat, and can leave us feeling bloated and uncomfortable. By removing gluten filled products from your diet, you leave more room for fruits and veggies. Those who choose to go gluten free also report that it aids their digestion and helps them to feel less tired throughout the day. If you suffer from IBS, cutting our wheat can also help to relieve painful symptoms.


Whatever your reason to forego the grain, we can help you find great gluten free food and drink.

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Trusted Gluten Free Products Online


We are proud that everything on our website is well packaged and marked to guarantee being gluten free or to being less than 20ppm. This makes it easy for you to see exactly what you are consuming, with no need to scour the ingredients.


Our expanding range of gluten free products includes beers, lagers, ales and food products – all of which can be shipped directly to you door.


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