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What alcoholic drinks are gluten free?

For those who suffer from a gluten intolerance, sensitivity or auto-immune disease, a gluten-free diet can feel really limited. While awareness is growing into the benefits of a gluten-free diet for those who suffer with coeliac disease, gluten intolerance or sensitivity, it is still hard to find great tasting food and drink that doesn’t contain gluten.

One aspect of a gluten-free lifestyle which can be complicated is finding a gluten-free alcoholic beverage.

Alcoholic drinks that are gluten free


Wine, for example, is largely considered gluten-free. However some wines will use a wheat paste to age wines in the barrel which for those with a high sensitivity, could cause a reaction.


Spirits tend to be more complex. It is thought that gluten ingredients used in spirits such as vodka are removed during the distillation process, however with a poor distillation process or ingredients added afterwards, it can be hard to find drinks that are safe. For drinks such as whiskey and bourbon, it can be especially difficult to find brand that is completely gluten free.

For spirits that do not use gluten, opt for rum, potato vodka and tequila.

Beers and Cider

Unfortunately for coeliacs, traditional beer made with hops and barley is not gluten free, however, there is now a great range of gluten-free beers that will whet the appetite and taste just as good as the glutenous alternative. Most ciders are also gluten free so are safe to drink, but make sure to check the label.

Where is the best place to buy gluten-free alcohol?

While supermarkets have started to stock gluten-free alternatives, their selections are usually smaller and they tend not to offer much variety by sticking with the same brands. To experience a broader range of gluten free beers, stouts and ales so you can enjoy a variety of drinks as well as broadening the search for your favourite tipple, then its best to head online, where you can choose from a greater selection.

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