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Where can I buy gluten free food?

For many people, living a gluten free lifestyle is necessary to be healthy and to feel good. It is thought at least one in every 100 people suffer from coeliac disease, and more and more people are turning to a gluten free lifestyle due to a sensitivity to gluten.

The problem is that living a gluten free lifestyle is actually considerably more expensive, for example, a gluten-free loaf of bread is around five times the price of a regular loaf. Unsurprisingly to those opting for a gluten free way of life, research from the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness found that buying gluten free is twice as expensive than buying standard products with gluten.

Why is gluten free food so expensive?

Since following a gluten free diet, you may have noticed your weekly grocery bill going up; this is because;

  • Factories need a separate gluten free line to avoid contamination which adds expense
  • Gluten free food has more (expensive) ingredients to compensate for lack of wheat
  • There are costs associated with complying with gluten free guidelines
  • It’s relatively new which can cost a lot for companies to develop
  • The demand is high, so retailers put up the prices.

While many people use gluten free products to stay healthy and avoid sickness, manufacturers and retailers are capitalising on a trend, which is why buying gluten free can be a struggle, not only for the cost but the lack of choice too.

Where to buy cheap gluten free food?

Instead of heading to your local supermarket or health food shop for gluten free products, try online retailers first. Supermarkets will add a premium to gluten free items because they are so popular and there is money to be made. Shops also have to increase their prices to cover the cost of the shop premises and the staff, online merchants often will not have to cover these costs and therefore have lower prices.

At the Gluten Free Shop, we carefully source all of our products to give our customers the best possible prices. Not only do we save on costs by not having a shop, but we also understand that gluten free food is vital to many for a healthy lifestyle and don’t believe it should be a gimmick to raise prices and extort customers.

Check out our gluten free items from beers, bread, baking items, sauces, cereals and much, much more so that you can enjoy a healthy gluten free lifestyle for less.

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