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The Gluten-Free Shop


The Gluten-Free Shop (a trading name of Gluten-Free Products Limited – company number 09913263) was formed in 2007 when we became acutely aware of the difficulties faced by many Coeliacs or those on a gluten-free diet in trying to find tasty gluten-Free foods, beer, lagers and ale. Our aim was, and is, to supply new, delicious and more artisan-type gluten-free foods that are not easily available at a regular supermarket or on the High Street. We use suppliers who provide superior and quality Gluten-Free products, and we are dedicated to ensuring that those on a Gluten-Free diet don’t miss out on the good things in life. We also aim to supply the goods at an affordable price. Many of the foods we supply are basic items and should not be over-priced.

Hence –

Its aim:- To supply a more simple life for both Coeliacs and their families, by providing good quality, superior and tasty gluten-free Beer, lager and gluten-free Foods delivered direct to YOUR door.

Everything on our website is marked on the exterior of the packaging as being GLUTEN-FREE or is guaranteed by the manufacturer to less than 20ppm. No more need to go round trying to read the small print or ingredients on the back of products.

We are delighted to introduce a wide, expanding & ever changing range of gluten-free Products:

Beers, Lagers and Ales:

We stock Europe’s Largest range of gluten-free Beers, lagers and ales. We deliver direct to your door – either by the case [which is more cost effective] or simply by the bottle.

Gluten-free food:

We stock a vast range of gluten-free foods, ready meals, chocolate, curries, thai foods, convenience foods, table sauces and mustards, puddings and cakes. Everything on our website is marked on the exterior of the packaging as being GLUTEN-FREE and to suit the Coeliac. You can shop with confidence and without needing to read labels.

Gift hampers and Christmas Hampers:

In 2009 we also noticed that there was a gap for a company to supply really superb gift hampers and Christmas hampers to give a gift of something special, delicious and luxurious for those on a Gluten-Free diet. Being gluten free often means that many of the indulgencies most of us take for granted are off limits. It is often the simple cold beer or lager, a chocolate biscuit or a slice of Christmas cake they miss the most. It is important, those on a Gluten-Free diet don’t miss out on the good things in life, and to let the recipient of our gifts know just how special they are! All hampers sold by our Company are totally gluten free and labelled as such. You can shop with confidence.

We offer a hand-picked selection of some of the finest gluten-free food available, bringing together a delicious selection of premium and award-winning gluten-free foods. Everything has been tried by us and has to pass the taste test! Gluten-Free Shop is continually, sourcing new, tasty and hard to find products to DELIVERED TO YOUR DOOR so you can enjoy an ever wider variety of quality, delicious gluten-free foods, beers, lagers and ale.

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